Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mumbai Ka GundaRAJ - Part 1

I have discontinued the writing of a full article on Mumbai ka GundaRAJ because of the argument that only locals can feel their grievance. Fine. But I have few questions to ask to the supporters of GundaRAJ, against GundaRAJ and to our always silent majority.

Was the
decision to sack Jet employees politically motivated? Is this how our market should work now onwards and is this how we want our leaders to be? Who will be responsible now if the airline goes bankrupt and everybody looses job?

How do you justify
this? Was that his fault that the guy came to give a bloody examination to Mumbai? Was this guy the government whom they were targeting? Will this happen to all outsiders in other states too? Do we need so much regionalism? Whatever happened to our unity in diversity?

Will all supporters of GundaRAJ confine themselves to their state? If that is true, Why are they still living outside of their state? Why do they have right to stay in any place other then their own state whatever may be their purpose? However illogical this last question sounds isn’t this how their meaning of extremism is?

Will Marathis justify the killing of Marathis in other states? Is eye for an eye the answer?

Does any citizen of Democratic Country India need permit to work any part of their own country? By permit, do they mean permission from GundaRAJ? If I speak in Marathi in Mumbai, am I an insider (opposite to outsider)? If yes, will that solve the problem?

Will the respect for Marathi increase by forcing bigger fonts of Marathi Boards?

And the most important question.

Can Economy survive in case of 80% reservation as demanded by MNS? Will this move secure jobs or drive the Industries out to some free market place? Can reservation be the solution?

Too many questions I guess. But all I am trying to do is get logical answers for these questions before attempting to finish the article. As an outsider I may not know the local grievance but I do know what democracy means and what my rights are. I am not opposed to the their cause but to the method the so called leaders are using. And I do know that Economy survives and booms in free market (no, not the stock market, but the real market).

Do give your comments. Please be civil.

Till then take care. I am off to learning of all 22 official local langauges of india, who knows which state I need to go in future.

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