Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kidnap - Movie Review

One thing Sanjay Ghadhvi does in all his films, apart from showing off his heroine’s asset in bikini, is to make sure that his movie gets across one message. In Dhoom it was bikes, in Dhoom 2 it was different stunts by Hrithik, and in kidnap it is cleavage. So be it heroine or her super sexy urban mother or hero Imran, one point on the movie is to flaunt it as much as possible.

So, we have daughter (Minissha Lamba) of world’s richest Indian Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt), whose gets kidnap by kabir (Imran Khan) during bathing in ocean in bikini (of course if you do that kind of act in india you are bound to invite trouble). The kidnapper, Kabir, asks Raina to play a game with him or else be ready to loose her daughter. So far so good: both with intensity in movie and show of cleavage. But the film start loosing the former when it does not convince about the game played, I mean to all the acts Kabir asks Raina to accomplish. Come on, the guy is a billionaire. Nobody expects him to run around and do the special agent kind of stuff like robbing another billionaire, or helping a criminal to escape from jail. This all does not gel well together. All this sequence and clues put up together are bizarre. In between, we get ample dose of Sonia’s cleavage. She keeps on changing clothes - all kinds of revealing clothes though she has been kidnapped. It looked like Kabir has taken extra care of bringing her revealing clothes so that he and audience can have fun watching. Even Sonia’s mother (Vidya Malvade) wears clothes with revealing cleavage which is consistent as it explains whom did Sonia learn from. Sanjay started movie with some intensity and there are glimpse of brilliance but they are far and less in number. He also starts going back to cliché which could have been totally avoided such as songs (songs are totally unnecessary and ordinary), story which is predictable. Also the reason which is revealed for the kidnapping is so dumb that if people start kidnapping for such dumb reasons, underworld will have to look for some other job.

Imran Khan looks good in parts, but has mostly same expression throughout. He does competitive job and his chase sequence with a little Parkour is commendable. Minissha gets to flaunt all she has and can expect to get some more roles like this in near future. She does not need to act. Sanjay Dutt sleep walks through the role. There seems to be no effort put in the role. Others are just passable.

Sanjay Gadhvi seems to be little carried away. He might have thought that by showing some skin you can get away from putting in more efforts in story and screenplay. Though there were other reasons for his previous movies, other then story and screenplay, but there was still some freshness and punch which is missing in his latest film. But, after all it’s a masala film and you do not need to find logic in it. So it is acceptable. You can watch it if you like escapist masala movies. Its just timepass fare.

You should watch this movie only if you are among following or else just give it a pass:

  • If you are a fan of Imran Khan(mostly girls), Sanjay Dutt(mostly guys).
  • Your other choice are Hello, Drona & Chamku.
  • If you want to know how not to kidnap.
  • If you are really fond of any type of cleavage.

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